Now I remember the old days where if you wanted a physical book made you had to order 500 copies at a huge cost, store them in your garage and ship them yourself.  If they didn't sell then you had some nice Christmas presents.  I printed 30,000 postcards of my art after art schoos and I think I still have 25,000.


Yet now you can do Print on Demand.  This is where a company like Amazon's Createspace will print the books one at a time as they are ordered and do the shipping and everything then pay you.  If you set it all up yourself then there is no cost to you.  You can also pay Createspace or a VA to set it all up for you.


So I was able to secure you an awesome Pdf with everything you need to set this up from my friend Teresa Miller and she has offered this for Free to our members.  Now if you want to go deeper she has much more to teach but check out the Pdf to start and see what you think.


Now of course if you love it feel free to support her as she has a very reasonable offer for her whole print course and it looks to me that when you sell 2 or 3 books it will more then pay for the course.